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Chicago Cubs file lawsuit against fake mascot – SportsUntapped.com
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Chicago Cubs file lawsuit against fake mascot
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Most pro sports teams in North America have some type of mascot on hand at their games to keep the kids happy. The mascot is usually some guy decked out in an animal uniform with a big removable head. Over in Chicago, there’s an unofficial mascot roaming the streets near Wrigley Field, which is the home park of Major League Baseball’s Chicago Cubs. This furry fellow is known as ‘Billy Cub,’ but he’s not associated with the ball club in anyway and is basically an unofficial mascot.

It appears Billy Cub has been hanging around the Wrigleyville area for seven years now and many visitors and casual fans just assume he’s the team’s mascot. The Cubs have asked Billy several times to move on, but haven’t had any success in getting rid of him. They’ve now decided that enough’s enough and have filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court to have the unauthorized mascot removed from the area. The lawsuit is against Patrick Weier, John Paul Weier, and three other unnamed people who have allegedly portrayed ‘Billy Cub’ over the years.

The Cubs claimed in the lawsuit that the men are violating the baseball team’s trademarks as well as falsely presenting ‘Billy Cub’ to be a representative of the franchise. The Cubs are claiming the men and the character are in no way affiliated with the organization and are purposely misleading fans. It seems the ball club isn’t happy that the unofficial mascot has been asking for money for posing for photographs with fans. In addition, the suit claims the fake mascot has been making profane, derogatory, and rude gesticulations and remarks to people around Wrigley Field.

One of the incidents was even captured on video and posted to YouTube. The video shows the ‘Billy Cub’ character getting into a scrap at a Wrigleyville pub after a game back in April. The film shows a fan removing the characters head and then Patrick Weier, who was dressed in the costume at the time, punches him.

The Cubs also claimed the ‘Billy Cub’ character is harming the club’s reputation and causing confusion since they have introduced their own official mascot named Clark the Cub in January. The baseball team has asked the court to order the defendants to cease and desist from portraying the ‘Billy Cub’ character. The Cubs also want all costumes, advertising, packaging, and merchandise handed over to the court so they can be destroyed.

Of course, a lawsuit wouldn’t be complete unless there’s some money involved in it. The Cubs haven’t forgotten about this aspect and are also asking the court for an unspecified sum of cash to cover legal fees and for damages. They also want the defendants to hand over all the money they’ve made from portraying the ‘Billy Cub’ character over the years.

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