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CFL in Negotiations With CFL Teams Over Expansion – SportsUntapped.com
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Added September 20th, 2010 by Scott Jack

CFL in Negotiations With CFL Teams Over Expansion
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If you haven’t already heard the news, there is supposed to be an expansion team enter the league in 2013. The new team will play in the Capitol City of Canada (Ottawa) and is expected to be ready by the 2013 season. The team was initially bought in 2008, but it takes a considerable amount of time to build a completely new CFL team for several reasons.

The #1 problem facing the Ottawa team is talent. The new owners don’t want to enter the league with a bunch of second-rate talent because it wouldn’t be good for ticket sales. The owners want to be able to select their team by picking up starting players from the 8 established CFL teams in an expansion draft.

Every player won’t be available in the draft as the teams are allowed to keep their starting QB and most starters. Each team will most likely need to select 1 offensive lineman, 1 wide receiver and 1 defensive back to put up on the chopping block. Once the teams have made their selections, Ottawa will be able to go through the list of players and select their team. This will ensure that they have a competitive team heading into the regular season.

This could definitely change a lot of team’s rosters, but an extra team in the CFL would be great in my opinion. It would make the league even more competitive in my opinion and is a step in the right direction. Eventually they’ll need to try and add a 10th team to even out the divisions again, but initially that shouldn’t be a big problem anyways due to the way the playoffs are set-up in the CFL.

If you’ve been waiting for a CFL team in Ottawa, the wait is almost over. There should be a team playing football in Ottawa by 2013 it looks like. Not only will you have a competitive team, but you’ll also have a great new stadium to call home.

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One Response to “CFL in Negotiations With CFL Teams Over Expansion”

  1. steve desio says:

    Would it be possible for the CFL to own the Halifax franchise for the best interest of the league? This would bring the league to a more effeciant number of teams. The CFL could also use its influence to help the stadium issue in Halifax to be resolved. The CFL would appoint a front office to run the franchise in Halifax. If the CFL owned the team it would only need to break even. Any positive revenue would be divided among the current 9 franchises. Once the team is running the CFL can take offers from ownership groups and/or sell shares of the team to induviduals or corporations.
    With the new TV contract to be negotiated RDS could possibly show all of its games for the 350,000 French Canadians in the region many fromthe Moncton area to ensure the best TV ratings. Last year TV games aired on TSN/RDS had an average of over 700,000 per game. The team in Halifax would have to be able to meet this average for the team to be successful.

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