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Grey Cup Betting Guide

The Grey Cup is the award given to the team that wins the CFL Championship Game (Grey Cup Game) every season. The award has been awarded to the winning team in the CFL for over a hundred years now and is one of the most recognized trophies in sports throughout Canada. The only trophy that is more popular throughout Canada is the Stanley Cup, which is awarded to the team that wins the NHL Championship Series every season.

Every year millions of people from Canada and around the world watch the Grey Cup game on television. It’s the most watched annual sporting event that takes place in Canada every year and is extremely popular to wager on. Sportsbooks always run promotions leading up to the Grey Cup game and millions of dollars is wagered on the game every year. You can make a lot of money betting on the CFL and there isn’t a bigger opportunity then the Grey Cup game.

Six teams make it to the CFL playoffs every season, but only two of them make it to the Grey Cup. The CFL playoffs are single elimination including the Grey Cup game, which is the exact same way the NFL playoffs are run. We’re going to take a look at the different types of bets you can make during the Grey Cup game below, so you know exactly what you can wager on.

Types of Grey Cup Bets

Most people wager on the point spread or over/under of the Grey Cup game because it’s the easiest way to get some action on the game. Since the two best teams in the CFL usually meet in the Grey Cup game, the point spread is often only –3 or less points, which makes it harder to handicap. The over/under wager in a Grey Cup game can also be difficult to handicap since you never know if you’re going to get offence or defence in a Grey Cup game. However hard it may be to select winners during the Grey Cup, there is no doubt having some action on the big game is necessary.

If you follow the CFL during the season and you have a good idea of how the Grey Cup game will play out, you’ll be able to make more exotic wagers if you’d like. Most online sportbooks provide odds on tons of prop bets for the Grey Cup game. An example of a prop bet would be whether or not a QB will throw for 300+ yards in the game or whether or not a RB will run for over 100 rushing yards in the game. These bets are very profitable for those of you that spend the time watching CFL all season, since you’ll have a great idea of what players should perform well in the Grey Cup.

The CFL is a great sport to wager on and there isn’t a bigger game then the Grey Cup every season. Millions of people watch the Grey Cup every season and thousands of those viewers also make their CFL betting on the best online sportsbooks.


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