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Celtics Want Shaq for the League Minimum – SportsUntapped.com
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Added July 30th, 2010 by Ryan

Celtics Want Shaq for the League Minimum
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The Boston Celtics are still thinking about how they lost in game seven of the NBA Finals to the archrival Los Angeles Lakers, but they have come to the conclusion that they need some more size and length in the paint, especially with defensive minded center Kendrick Perkins being out for a significant amount of time next season.

As a result, the Boston Celtics went out and signed former All-Star big man Jermaine O’Neal to a free agent deal, but they may not be done there as they have shown interest in signing four-time NBA champion Shaquille O’Neal.

Throughout the NBA offseason this summer, Shaq hasn’t really received much interest around the league as only a handful of teams have shown any interest in signing the 15-time All-Star. Despite the lack of interest in arguably one of the greatest players of all-time, Shaq has been linked to teams like the Dallas Mavericks, San Antonio Spurs, Miami Heat, Atlanta Hawks and the Atlanta Hawks.

Even though Shaq might be the missing piece of the puzzle for a few teams around the NBA in desperate need of a center, teams are no longer willing to pay big bucks for the Big Aristotle as they believe he may bring more harm then good. There are a few other NBA superstar veterans that are also have similar problems as Allen Iverson and Tracy McGrady are both finding it difficult to find new teams this summer.

Allen Iverson is perhaps having the most trouble of the three superstars as he hasn’t been linked to any team thus far and could very well start next season unemployed, but Shaq isn’t far behind as no team is willing to dish out the dough for arguably one of the best centers of all-time on the downside of his career.

Before LeBron James made his “Decision” earlier this month, Shaq was considering just re-signing with the Cleveland Cavaliers, but that is no longer the case and he might have to settle for the league minimum with the Boston Celtics.

Personally, I think Shaq is being a bit selfish right now as it is obvious up to this point that he isn’t going to make what he is used to and if he really wants to win his best bet is to join Kevin Garnett and company in Boston.

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One Response to “Celtics Want Shaq for the League Minimum”

  1. eeenok says:

    boston is the ONLY place shaq can win a ring next season … too much bad blood in miami, LA or orlando; outside possibility dallas went another direction … if you think shaq wants another ring more than anything, then expect a lot of humming and harring before he swallows his pride

    thing is, the sell doesn’t seem that hard: “shaq, there’s this team of young guys everybody thinks is all that and a pack of tictacs. but there’s this team of severely aging f4rts who refuse to lie down and think they have enough in the tank to take the young guys down, and you could unfurl a few minutes of whooping in the quest to teach respect for elders. best of all, you’d pobably get along pretty well with everyone in the team and have a fun year; and all it costs you is money, which you like to waste anyway”

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