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Carcillo and Prust, two more player bans in the NHL – SportsUntapped.com
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Carcillo and Prust, two more player bans in the NHL
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The NHL has come under fire from some fans as the league is being accused of protecting officials, but not the players. The hockey league handed New York Rangers forward Dan Carcillo a 10-game suspension for pushing a linesman during an altercation in a playoff game between New York and the Montreal Canadiens. However, they gave Canadiens forward Brandon Prust just a two-game ban for breaking the jaw of Rangers centre Derek Stepan with an illegal hit to the head.

Stepan was injured at the 2:45 mark of the first period in the third game of the Eastern Conference final series. He left the game and immediate x-rays proved negative. Stepan then returned to the contest, but x-rays were again taken after the match and this time they revealed a break in his jaw. He ended up playing about 17 minutes after returning, but was then scheduled for surgery after the break was discovered.

The Canadiens weren’t buying it though and said they didn’t believe Stepan’s jaw was broken and they fully expected to see him in the Rangers lineup for game four of the series on May 25. When the puck dropped to start the game though, Stepan was nowhere to be found, so presumably his jaw is indeed broken. He suffered the break when Prust delivered a late hit with his shoulder right to the Ranger player’s head. Prust didn’t receive a penalty on the play, but the NHL’s Department of Player Safety reviewed the hit and said it was interference, and then hit him with the two-game ban,

Stepan was tied for second in scoring for New York with 11 playoff points in 17 games when he was injured. Carcillo was handed an automatic 10-game ban when the league said he physically abused an official during the same game. He pushed linesman Scott Driscoll when he was being escorted to the Rangers penalty box for a charging call just three minutes after Stepan’s jaw was broken. Carcillo was thrown out of the game following the incident.

Carcillo said he will be appealing his suspension and it’ll be interesting to see how the NHL Players’ Association reacts to a two-game suspension for breaking one of its members’ jaws and 10-games on the sidelines for pushing a linesman. The ban means Carcillo will be out of action for the remainder of the Stanley Cup playoffs.

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