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Added November 13th, 2009 by Sooze

Can We Please Give Derek Jeter Some More Awards?
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Just some more shiny things for his trophy case would be great. If we could go ahead and embed some diamonds in there, too. Maybe some engraving would be nice, as well.

The New York Yankees shortstop, who is not even the best shortstop on his team, let alone the American League, received a Gold Glove for his position this season to go along with his 2009 Hank Aaron Award, handed out to the league’s top hitter… which sadly, was not him. This is only my opinion, but it’s totally a fact. The AL’s top five hitters sorted by average:

Joe Mauer .365 avg, 191 hits, 28 HR, 96 RBI
Ichiro Suzuki
.352 avg, 225 hits, 11 HR, 46 RBI
Derek Jeter
.334, 212 hits, 18 HR, 66 RBI
Miguel Cabrera
.324, 198 hits, 34 HR, 103 RBI
Michael Young
.322 avg, 174 hits, 22 HR, 68 RBI

Why didn’t Michael Young get the Hank Aaron award? He’s almost an identical hitter to Jeter. Are the Texas Rangers just not sexy enough?

Joe Mauer had a better average, more homers and RBIs than Jeter, and missed THE ENTIRE MONTH OF APRIL. Ichiro had more hits and a better average, while Miguel Cabrera had way more homers and RBIs. See my point? It’s okay if you don’t. Most of the country seems to be hypnotized by his boyish charm or whatever.

Guess what else? The Yankees dreamboat also received a silver slugger after being voted one of the top offensive players in the league by the managers and coaches. That, I suppose I can deal with.

What I can’t handle is the fact that he was given the highest honor in all of baseball: The Roberto Clemente Award. This award is granted to the one player who combines giving back to the community with outstanding on-field skills. Why? The fans got to vote this year along with a panel that included Vera Clemente and Bud Selig. At the award ceremony, Selig clamored,

“You’re a wonderful role model not only for the youth of America but also for our players. You have been the face of baseball for many years, and you’re truly deserving of this award. I don’t want to embarrass Derek, but a player like Derek Jeter, it makes me very proud to be the Commissioner of baseball.”

In Jeter’s defense, he is incredibly involved in the Turn 2 Foundation, which helps to promote healthy lifestyles among children.

Anyway, if this guy is awarded the MVP of the American League, you guys are going to see me flip the hell out.

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8 Responses to “Can We Please Give Derek Jeter Some More Awards?”

  1. i say hell ya give it to him. he’s the one soild core on that team of super stars. he’s the glue. without him the yankees don’t win it all. so would’nt you give it to the man that best helped his team win a championship. does,nt that make him well, the most valuable player on his team? in case the world champion team?

  2. mlb needs more derek jeters.

  3. Sooze says:

    Dave, thanks so much for the comment! MVP voting is done before the playoffs begin, to give each outstanding player from all 30 teams an unbiased shot, so winning the World Series really doesn’t have anything to do with it. Was Mark Teixeira not as productive as Jeter? What about A-Rod? How about Cabrera — the Tigers were on their way to the postseason during voting as well. Jeter is a great player and an even better man, and I agree that baseball needs more guys like him… I just think he gets more credit than he deserves sometimes.

  4. The Big Guy says:

    Sooze, I’m fairly disappointed, because I typically enjoy your stuff. That being said, what a biased and unfair article. For starters what is this nonsense about not being the best SS on his team? There’s no way you mean A-Rod since he had more errors than Jeter in spite of playing 284 less innings and playing a less demanding position. I’d love to hear which AL SS was more deserving overall. How come we’re not examining the fact that Mauer somehow won a gold glove while throwing out only 26% of runners and not having a single pickoff. Joe had more passed balls and a worse stolen base percentage than Jorge Posada!

    As for the Hank Aaron Award, it is given to the best “offensive player,” not the best “hitter.” So if we are deciding the best offensive player, how are the only necessary stats BA, hits, HR’s and RBI’s? Those are not an accurate barometer of the best offensive player. Jeter lead all of those players in stolen bases, runs and walks earned. He was second only to Mauer among those players in OBP. He also had a better stolen base average than any MLB player with 30 or more SB’s. You’re using BA, hits, HR’s and RBI’s? Come on Sooze, if that’s how you measure it than Aaron Hill is as good as any of those guys. He would lead the group in HR’s and RBI’s while having more hits than 2 of them.

    The Roberto Clemente award is given to a player who is involved in charity and his community while excelling on the field. Jeter’s bat alone brought Turn 2 over $200,000 this year. Including $100,000 from Delta in a competition with David Wright and the Hard Rock contributing $52,722 when he broke Lou’s hit record. The Yankee hatred has now run so deep that we are disparaging a guy’s charity work? Sad stuff.

    And honestly when you combine all of these things with the fact that Jeter is the catalyst for the best team in baseball. (And yes, they were the best team even before the playoffs.) It’s hard to argue that Jeter and Mauer aren’t a toss up for MVP.

  5. Sooze says:

    Geez, I hoping to get more than 2-3 ornery commenters. Anyway, sorry to disappoint you Big Guy. Yes, I meant A-Rod He was an all-around better career shortstop than Jeter before he was forced to move to third base. That was more or less a joke, but I’m not always hilarious. Jason Bartlett outperformed Jeter in almost every offensive category outside of plate appearances overall this season, though Jeter was a better defensive player. You can’t think of ANYONE who is a better “offensive” player than Derek Jeter? Seriously? *cough* Joe Mauer *cough* anyone who calls me a homer gets kicked square in the nuts. 🙂 Thanks for your comment Big Guy – I sincerely appreciate your passionate response!!

  6. The Big Guy says:

    Sooze, I wasn’t calling you a homer, but it’s hard to argue with that assumption when you try to claim that Jason Bartlett (a former Twin) was a better offensive player than Derek Jeter. He outperformed him how? By having a lower batting average and OBP? Or maybe it was having fewer runs, walks, hits and home runs? Could it be that he was thrown out more while having the same amount of steals? I’m not sure exactly which of those stats lead you to believe that Bartlett outperformed Jeter, but I guess you had your reasons.

    I never said that Mauer would not have deserved the Hank Aaron Award, and I do believe that he will come out with the MVP. And that’s where we differ. It’s easy to see that Mauer could have just as easily won that award, and you would have not heard a peep from me about it. But alleging that Derek doesn’t deserve any of this is just asinine.

    As for people claiming he’s overrated, are they watching the same baseball as the rest of us? No I’m sure they’re right, I’m sure these people have a better understanding of Derek Jeter’s abilities than people like Reggie Jackson, Hank Aaron, Willie Mays or any other of the countless legends who gush over him at the drop of a hat.

  7. Sooze says:

    Oh my gosh, I wish text had a tone of voice! The Bartlett thing was more or less a joke… I was gonna use Willie Bloomquist as an example, but that would’ve been too blatant a lie. I hope you weren’t insinuating that I think he’s all badass cause he used to be a Twin! He sucked so bad back then and I was happy to see him go. But now that I actually compare the two, they were seriously VERY similar offensively last season.

    We each have our opinions about the who is the best and who deserves what, which is what makes us Americans, right? Anyway, thanks for typically enjoying what I write!

  8. Sean says:

    The guy a hall of fame hitter.but his range sucks .so he’s a poor major league shortstop and that’s just not my opion it’s from guys who know far more then you like bill james and others and if you don’t know who bill james is you shouldn’t be commenting .and can some one please tell me why they have to show his father and mother all the time there even starting to interrupt the games by showing his small nephew .i turn on the games to watch baseball not the jeter family

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