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Bruno not laughing now after being charged with murder

Police in Brazil have formally charged Bruno Fernandes das Dores de Souza, also known as Bruno, with masterminding the sickening murder of a former girlfriend and the mother of his youngest child, in which her body was allegedly fed to dogs. Bruno is widely recognized as one of Brazil’s biggest football stars as he’s the former goalkeeper and captain of Flamengo. The club has since suspended him.

The case has been a hot topic in the South American nation for several weeks now ever since the police accused the 25-year-old Bruno of the crime. According to the authorities, Bruno, was involved in the murder of 25-year-old model Eliza Samudio.

Bruno, who is married, met Samudio at a party last year and she became pregnant after their first meeting. When Samudio told Bruno about her condition he told her she must get an abortion. However, she refused to do so and this allegedly enraged Bruno. Samudio then suddenly disappeared in June as she was in the process of taking the case to court to try and prove Bruno was the father and to obtain child support from him.

Police stated that Bruno then hired a former policeman named Marcos Aparecido dos Santos, to lure the young woman to the city of Belo Horizonte from her home in Rio de Janeiro. When there, she was held captive in a shed at the rear of dos Santos’ home and was allegedly beaten. Police also say Bruno was there when Samudio was strangled and parts of her cut-up body were fed to a Rottweiler while the rest of her was buried under concrete. The young lady’s remains haven’t been found.

Police heard about the murder after a teenaged cousin of Bruno confessed to them about it.  Bruno told the media he has a clear conscience and will be able to laugh about it in the future. However, he won’t be laughing now as he was arrested and formally charged Bruno with the murder on Aug. 4. His wife, eight other people and another alleged lover were also arrested and charged.

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