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Breaking down Peyton Manning’s 500 touchdowns – SportsUntapped.com
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Breaking down Peyton Manning’s 500 touchdowns
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Denver Broncos’ quarterback Peyton Manning has joined the 500 club after passing for his 500th NFL touchdown in a 41-20 win over the Arizona Cardinals on October 5. He then added three more to bring his total to 503. The only other quarterback to achieve the 500 feat was Brett Favre with 508. Favre scored his first 500 touchdowns in 293 games while Manning achieved the feat 49 games earlier in his 244th outing. The 38-year-old Manning has played in the AFC for his entire NFL career. He’s thrown 359 TD passes against AFC teams and 144 against NFC squads for a total of 503. However, he throws an average of 2.3 touchdowns a game against NFC opponents and 1.9 per contest against AFC teams.

Manning has thrown for 265 touchdowns in home games and 238 on the road. His favourite day of the week should be Monday since he’s thrown for 36 touchdowns on that day with Thursday coming a close second with 35. However, he’s played an extra six games on Monday nights. He threw seven of his Thursday night touchdowns in the season opener in 2013. Most of the quarterbacks touchdown passes have come in the second quarter of games with the fewest coming in the first quarter. He has 153 in second quarters with 121 in third quarters, 119 in fourth quarters and 110 in first quarters.

If we look at his touchdowns by month we see that November and December are the best with 131 each followed by October with 122, September at 115 and January with four. He also throws for touchdowns in close games as well as blowouts. Manning has tossed 197 touchdowns during contests which were decided by seven points or less and 199 in games which were decided by 15 or more points. When it comes to seasons, his best was 2013 with 55 touchdowns followed by 49 in 2004, 37 in 2012, and 33 in 2000, 2009, and 2010.

As far as his favourite receiver goes, Manning threw to former Indianapolis Colts teammate Marvin Harrison for 112 of the 503 touchdowns. The two played 11 seasons together and are historically the best quarterback/wide receiver tandem ever in the NFL. Quarterback Steve Young and receiver Jerry Rice combined for a second-best 92 touchdowns. Reggie Wayne caught Manning for 67 touchdowns followed by Dallas Clark with 44, Marcus Pollard with 34 and Demaryius Thomas with 27.

Manning has 104 touchdowns with Denver in 36 starts in slightly over two seasons and is ranked number two already in the franchise history. His career average is now 2.06 touchdowns per game and he has more TD passes in his career than the Cleveland Browns have had since 1983. Manning reached 500 touchdowns in 16 seasons while the Browns took 31 years to reach the same figure, along with three dozen different quarterbacks at the helm during that time.

Manning has thrown for 48 touchdowns against Houston Texans, who didn’t even exist during Manning’s first four seasons in the league. However, he’s played the Texans a total of 20 times now. He’s thrown 41 TD passes against the New England Patriots, 40 against Jacksonville and 35 against the Tennessee Titans. Manning has thrown for the fewest TDs against the Carolina Panthers, Cleveland Browns and San Francisco 49ers with just five against each team.

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