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Brazilian soccer player Fabricio loses it on own fans – SportsUntapped.com
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Brazilian soccer player Fabricio loses it on own fans
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Left-back Fabricio of Brazilian First Division soccer team Internacional recently lost it on his own fans during a game and has now been suspended by the club. The player has been suspended indefinitely due to his meltdown in a 1-0 win against Ypiranga during the Rio Grande do Sul state championship in early April. The club also announced that it will soon decide on his future with the team.

Home fans in the city of Porto Alegre were jeering the player throughout the contests and he suddenly stopped playing halfway through the second half and began to make several obscene gestures to the fans sitting nearest to the pitch. The referee then immediately sent the 28-year-old off the pitch with a red card as a result if his gestures. This angered Fabricio even more and he took his team shirt off and threw it onto the ground as several of his teammates tried to calm him down.

Vitorio Piffero, the president of Internacional wasn’t at all happy with Fabricio’s tantrum and said he showed a lot of respect for the club as the shirt is sacred. He added that he won’t rush into a decision on the player and will take a week to think about things before deciding on Fabricio’s fate with the squad. The player had the ball when he stopped playing and walked over to the sidelines to confront the supporters who had booed him every time he had the ball.

There were over 13,000 fans inside the Beiro-Rio Stadium and they all cheered when Fabricio was given the red card. Diego Aguirre, the manager of Internacional told the media after the game, “We are all sad about what happened. It was very sad and ugly, something like that shouldn’t happen.”

Internacional defender Juan attempted to calm his teammate down and stop him from taking off his shirt, but didn’t have any luck. Juan said Fabricio acted in the heat of the moment because he’s quite emotional and made a mistake that he’ll surely apologize for. When he left the pitch Fabricio told the team’s supporters that he’ll never play for the club again. That may be true, but it could be because the club will release him due to his unprofessional antics.

This wasn’t the first time Fabricio has made the headlines in Brazil for agitating his club. He’s been in trouble with Internacional before for arguing with referees, teammates and coaches during games and training sessions.

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