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Bradley Out of Lineup, Cliff Lee Suspension Update

Milton Bradley was out of the Seattle Mariners’ lineup Sunday when they faced his former Chicago Cubs team in a spring training game.  Did the outfielder really need a day off, or was Don Makamatsu just playing it safe?

Chances are, he was hoping to avoid any lunatic uproars, plunkings, trash-talking or general panic… which is really too bad.  Just think of all the wonderful things that could’ve happened!  Not to fear though, I’m sure we’ll get to see many awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping moments via Bradley this season since Wakamatsu has designated him as the team’s everyday clean-up hitter for 2010.

Speaking of the Mariners and temper tantrums, Cliff Lee’s appeal hearing was postponed Monday morning because one of the officials was unable to participate in the scheduled teleconference. 

Seattle’s co-ace was fined and suspended by the league for trying to bean Arizona Diamondbacks’ catcher Chris Snyder back on March 15.  Apparently, Lee was still ticked off after colliding with Snyder earlier in the game while backing up home plate.

To top that off, Lee strained his abdomen on the play and may even start the season on the disabled list.

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