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Bookmaker Sportsbook Review has been one of the most popular and respected offshore sportsbooks for over twenty years.  They proudly proclaim that they are ‘where the line originates’ and that’s not mere hyperbole; their opening numbers are respected on both sides of the counter by sharp players and their bookmaking colleagues alike.  Bookmaker has demonstrated an ability to stay ahead of the technological curve, and was one of the pioneers in wireless, PDA and cell phone wagering.  They welcome both professional and recreational players, and place a special emphasis on the privacy and security of client information. Overall, they’re one of the best sportsbooks in the business and are an essential ‘out’ for any serious player at every level.
Strong points
Weak points
  • impeccable record of timely and accurate payouts
  • US clients welcome
  • state of the art wagering software with an emphasis on ease of use
  • industry leading emphasis on security and privacy
  • very professional staff
  • limited selection of European sports
  • less variety of proposition and specialties wagers than some books

Site screenshots


Bookmaker is rightfully proud of their influence and longevity within the sports gambling marketplace, and the website repeatedly reminds the visitor that they are ‘where the line originates.’  While some sportsbooks play up the diversionary components of the betting experience, Bookmaker seeks to convey the professionalism and security of a reputable financial institution.  At first glance, with its relatively conservative design and silver and black color combination it’s possible to mistake the Bookmaker website for a bank or stock brokerage!

Along with their position as a market leader, Bookmaker places a strong emphasis on their commitment to the privacy of their clients.  They repeatedly assure clients that their betting activities and financial information are held ‘in strictest confidence’ to the point where they don’t even sell their mailing list, a common practice in the industry.  While Bookmaker definitely welcomes players of all levels, much of the verbiage on their site is clearly intended to attract a ‘high roller’ clientele.


Behind this highly professional exterior is everything that a sports bettor or horse racing enthusiasts expects from a bookmaker.  The sports offerings definitely emphasize the sports of interest to the US wagering public, though there is also an extensive selection of European soccer along with other sports not common to American bettors like handball and volleyball.  Bookmaker is a leader in fight sport wagering, and frequently takes action on lower profile fights in both boxing and mixed martial arts that many other books overlook.  While they offer a full complement of parlays, teasers and live betting they don’t have quite as many ‘exotic’ or unusual propositions as some of their competitors.  To be fair, many of their ‘wise guy’ clientele likely consider this a competitive advantage and not a liability. Bookmaker also provides a full racebook with a rebate of up to 8%.


Of particular interest is an innovative player loyalty program called ‘BetPoints’.  While many books now offer some form of loyalty bonus, Bookmaker takes it a step further.  In addition to more conventional rewards like rebates and free payouts, the BetPoints program allows clients to choose from a wide variety of rewards covering everything from free handicapping services and Bookmaker branded apparel to frequent flyer miles and gift cards to major online retailers.


Perhaps the most compelling endorsement Bookmaker is the universal respect they command from the sports gambling community.  While even the best books occasionally produce a disgruntled client or two, negative opinions concerning Bookmaker are so rare to be practically nonexistent.  The almost universal response from experienced sports gamblers is that Bookmaker is a solid, well run book with a reputation for financial solvency rivaled by few in the industry.

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