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Using Our Free Odds Conversion Tool

This sports betting tool is designed to help handicappers convert odds into the format of their choice. Since different styles of odds are used in different parts of the world, this tool will help you view odds in your preferred format.

To use the tool, enter the odds you have into the corresponding field and click on the ‘Convert’ button located at the bottom of the form. It will automatically convert the odds you have into all of the formats listed.

If you want to do another conversion, simply change the odds in the field of your choice and click the convert button. Other fields do not need to be cleared out, the tool will automatically convert based on the field that you have changed.

For example; enter -135 into the American Odds field, then hit the Convert button. Now, where it says ‘Fractional Odds – 20/27’, change that to 2/5 and click the Convert button again. You should now see -250 in the American Odds area, 1.4000 in the Decimal Odds area, and so on.

For American odds, be sure to add negative (-) before the number for any negative line you want converted. If you do not enter the negative sign it will automatically convert based on a positive (+) line. For example, if you have odds of -155, type it into the field exactly that way.

For fractional odds conversions, the tool will automatically use X/1 as the conversion unless you enter the second part of the fraction. For example, if you type 5 into the field, it will use 5/1 odds for the conversion. If the second part of the fraction is anything other than ‘1’, be sure to add that correctly. For example, 7/2 needs to be typed in exactly that way.

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