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BetPhoenix Sportsbook Review

BetPhoenix is a relative newcomer to the sports betting marketplace, but are quickly becoming a favorite with clients.  Based in San Jose, Costa Rica they offer many of the same benefits as their larger, better known competitors with an emphasis on personal service and innovative wagering offerings.  They have recently upgraded their betting software platform to make their services even more intuitive and easy to use.

Strong points
Weak points
  • wide variety of sports and proposition bets
  • US clients welcome
  • state of the art wagering software with an emphasis on ease of use
  • generous promotions including bet specials, signup, reload and referral
  • limited selection of European sports
  • lower limits that other books

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BetPhoenix might not have the long running ‘reputation’ of their older competitors in the sports betting industry, but they’re quickly becoming a respected store that does a good job of serving bettors of all types.  Recreational players will enjoy their easy to use software and wide variety of bet types, while they’re not afraid to take large bets and ‘sharp’ action.  The primary website is in English, but there’s clearly a focus on the Asian market with 24 hour customer service available in both Chinese and Vietnamese.


BetPhoenix focuses on the major North American team sports—football, basketball, baseball and hockey—as well as soccer.  Unlike many books, however, they don’t overlook the European professional sports leagues.  In addition to betting on the NHL, for example, they take action on major leagues in Europe and Russia.  They also cover European basketball, as well as a wide range of European, Latin American and Asian soccer action.  While they don’t offer odds on several of the sports common to European bookmakers like snooker, rugby and cricket they have a better selection of European team sports than most books available to a US client base.  They also provide a full racebook with a generous 10% rebate.


BetPhoenix also has a wide variety of non-sports betting options.  While some books make their casino offerings an afterthought, BetPhoenix currently offers two different casinos.  One of these casinos provides live dealers for blackjack, roulette and baccarat.  A standalone poker room is in the works as well.  In addition to more traditional casino games they offer lottery games based on national and US state lotteries, bingo and virtual horse racing.


BetPhoenix has all of the makings of a future force in the offshore gaming industry.  In fact, it was difficult to come up with anything that could be considered a negative about the book.  One small complaint was their web server platform:  it seemed to be a little slower to respond than most of their competitors when tested at various times during the day.  This could be problematic when trying to get a bet down on a busy football Saturday, for example, and something that shouldn’t be an issue in a location like San Jose, Costa Rica.  Our guess is that BetPhoenix is aware of the problem and taking steps to upgrade their bandwidth infrastructure much in the same way they’re upgrading their software platform.  Aside from that minor gripe, however, there’s a lot to like about BetPhoenix.  They offer a nice mix of ‘old school’ bookmaking with modern innovation and are a great betting option for all levels of sports gambling clients.

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