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The Best Online Sportsbooks for US Players

US sports betting took a serious blow with the passage of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA). Don’t worry though; this legislation did not make online gambling illegal. It simply made it difficult to deposit at known gambling sites using standard methods like credit cards and bank wires. When this happened, many online sportsbooks failed to adapt and went out of business. The ones that remained, however, learned how to accept US players and are still thriving today. Remember, it is not illegal for you to engage in sports betting over the Internet; it is just inconvenient.

US players don’t have to worry about finding a reliable online sportsbook any more. In fact, many of the best sportsbooks on the Internet are US friendly. Some still struggle with credit card deposits but urge players to use options like eWalletXpress for their deposits. Others have completely side stepped the problem to make things easy for you. The sportsbooks listed below have a proven track record for helping all kinds of US players get their money in and out of their online accounts. They all accept US players and each one has proven to be safe and reliable over many years of operation. There might be some other options floating around on the Internet, but you can rest easy at any of these five premium, US-friendly sportsbooks.’s sportsbook has all of the basics: good odds, reasonable limits, lots of betting options. The thing that really sets them apart from the pack, however, is the Digital Gaming Solutions (DGS) software that acts as the backbone of their entire operation. This program carefully walks the line between reliability and ease of use to make sure every player has a chance to bet. This is also where you’ll find their free betting statistics and industry-leading odds. Sign up today to get a 25% bonus on your first deposit.

No list of sportsbooks for US players would be complete without mentioning Bodog’s sportsbook. They accept American players and take the necessary steps to process their credit cards reliably. Bodog is also known for having an online casino and an online poker room, both of which are on par with their stand-alone competition. Any player that thinks they even might be interested in experiencing some of these of these other gambling options should put Bodog right at the top of their list. As an all-around gaming provider, they are second to none.

Players who want a lot of betting variety should check out Of course, they provide coverage of all of the major US sports but the pages of their sportsbook go so much deeper than that. Games of chance and skill, horse racing, political elections, TV entertainment and more (some of which are quite obscure) await you at Intertops’ sportsbook. In addition to your normal cash winnings, this sportsbook gives you chances to win prizes like tickets to championship games. is certainly a unique option that suits a wide variety of US sports bettors.

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