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Europe contains a highly diverse group of sports bettors. These gamblers might share a common interest in online sports gambling, but they all have a unique set of needs. With this understanding, there are a number of online sportsbooks that have lots of options and customizability to accommodate all kinds of players. These sportsbooks will let you use multiple languages and currencies for your convenience. At the same time, they also focus on providing coverage of a wide array of sports with enthusiastic fans in many different parts of Europe.

After carefully sorting through all of the Internet’s best online sportsbooks, we have narrowed all of the possibilities down to the top five sportsbooks for European players. Read on to get a quick description of each website and then decide which one is right for you. If you feel torn between any of these sportsbooks, just remember that you can’t go wrong as long as you stick with these five dependable companies.

No other online sportsbook can beat for the number one spot on this list. They take wagers on every sport you can think of and even a few that you can’t. Quantity isn’t their only strong suit though; they also have industry leading odds and a more than enough betting options.’s players can accept a relatively flexible welcome bonus after creating a player account and then continue to take advantage of different promotions throughout the year. As a European sports bettor, if you are unsure of where to start betting, is probably the best all around choice you can make.

Headquartered in Vienna, is continental Europe’s most impressive sportsbook for online bettors. This sportsbook includes over eighty different sports, all of which are neatly organized in their sleek digital user interface. They have an excellent free tutorial to get new users up to speed and betting as quickly as possible. Once you have the basics down, experiment with their mobile betting feature and dig through their database of statistical data. Bwin gives you the power to start winning today. Signing up is absolutely free and the customer support team is operating the phones for twelve hours a day. After hours, you can contact them via email and get a response in no time at all.

This is probably the single best sportsbook for novice sports bettors. They have extremely low wagering minimums (0.1 Euros) and features that help you make betting decisions. The Hot Bets feature is as simple as it is useful. It basically shows you which bets have been popular during the day. Feel free to disregard this information but it can absolutely give you a helping hand when you are unsure of where to put your money. knows that the European gaming market includes many different types of players so they allow you to use their site in twenty-five different languages. Overall, is quite possibly the most accessible sportsbook for European players.

Unibet has been operating from the United Kingdom for well over a decade. They take action on all of the major European sporting events as well as many of the smaller competitions and foreign sports like American football. There are literally thousands of different betting options on any given day and you can use their live betting feature to make your games more exciting than ever. To further spice things up, gives you the chance to use their mobile betting feature for sports gambling on the go. See why eGaming Review has already awarded Unibet with the European Sports Betting Operator of The Year award three times!

This UK-version of the famous Bodog sportsbook lives up to the Bodog brand name, but comes with a European focus. Of course, the United Kingdom is this site’s target market, but they are well equipped to cater to players from other European countries (multi-language support and several European-friendly deposit options). Collect your unlimited 10% welcome bonus today when you create your free account and make a deposit with any of Bodog’s simple deposit options. After that, you can start to bet with absolute confidence knowing that you are always in good hands at

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