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Baseball player bites teammate’s ear off – SportsUntapped.com
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Baseball player bites teammate’s ear off
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Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson will definitely be able to relate to this story. Tyson, of course, once took a couple of bites out of Evander Holyfield’s ears many moons ago in a world title fight. Tyson then spit part of the ear out onto the ring apron and was disqualified while Holyfield retrieved the flesh Anyway, there’s a new twist to the latest ear-biting saga over in America since the biter and the bitee are both teammates on the same baseball club.

Alex Guerrero, who’s a prospect of the Los Angeles Dodgers and Miguel Olivo both play for the Albuquerque Isotopes AAA team, which is one of the Dodgers’ affiliate clubs. However, during a game in Salt Lake City on May 20 they had a disagreement in the eighth inning which then led to fisticuffs and then a bite on the ear. The two players lost it on each other in the dugout against the Salt Lake Bees. It appears that veteran catcher Olivo sank his teeth into infielder Geurrero’s ear and must have gotten a pretty good mouthful since Fox Sports reported that he needs plastic surgery to repair the damage.

The two players began arguing for some reason during a pitching change earlier in the game and it might have had something to do with the fact that a couple of Salt Lake runners advanced while Olivo was holding the ball. Apparently nobody alerted the catcher about the runners and nobody bothered to cover the base either for Olivo to throw the ball to.

When the Isotopes returned to their dugout somebody punched Guerrero in the head as he was walking by and by all reports it was Olivo. Several players held him back and had his arms pinned, but he then took a chunk out of the 27-year-old Guerrero as he found him ear-resistible. Reports said most Guerrero’s his ear fell to the ground ear and the pair have made the headlines all over the world because of it. The Isotopes are hoping their slugger soon recovers from his ear surgery since he has 10 home runs so far this season and is batting at a very impressive clip of .368.

Local police are now investigating the incident.

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