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Barry Zito Thinks He’s Tough – SportsUntapped.com
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Barry Zito Thinks He’s Tough
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Who would win in a fight between Barry Zito and Prince Fielder? Stupid question, I know.

Everyone’s a winner in that one.

Well, contrary to the picture to your left, Barry Zito apparently thinks he’s pretty tough.  What’s obvious though, is that the San Francisco Giants lefty likes to hold a grudge.

With two gone and a runner on first during his team’s 5-3 win over Milwaukee on Thursday, Zito’s very first pitch to Fielder nailed him square in the back.  Though some may call it an accident, many call it retaliation for the Brewers’ first baseman’s antics during a walk-off homer against the Giants back on Sept. 6 at Miller Park.

After the plunking, Fielder walked to first base, tossed the ball to Zito and clapped his hands.  When asked about the apparent retribution, Prince just shrugged it off. Zito, who hadn’t had a chance to address the situation until today, denied the act of revenge completely…

“My fastball was running in and it just got away from me,” he explained.

Umm, whatever you say Barry. Maybe you can write a song about it — I hear that can be therapeutic for musicians.  Either way, hopefully he got that off his chest and is able to move on and let it go… after six months. Yikes.

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