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Baltimore Orioles’ Chris Davis allowed to take amphetamines next season

Slugger Chris Davis of the Baltimore Orioles was handed a 25-game suspension by Major League Baseball (MLB) in the 2014 season for using Adderall, which is a banned prescription drug. Davis has one game to go on the suspension and will have to sit out the Orioles first game of the 2015 campaign. However, after that, he’ll be allowed to take the drug as he has permission from MLB. The league has decided to let Davis take the amphetamine to treat his ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). Davis will be allowed to take the drug due to the MLB’s therapeutic-use exemption program, which is known as TUE.

According to Baltimore manager Buck Showalter, Davis was diagnosed with the ADHD while he was a member of the Texas Rangers and the league had allowed him to take Adderall before. But while just 4.4 per cent of American adults are affected with ADHD, the baseball league allowed almost 10 per cent of its players to take the drug in 2014. This leads some skeptics to believe that they’re on the drug to take gain some type of playing advantage.

The amphetamines are illegal without a prescription, but were quite popular in MLB before the league banned them. Several former baseball stars such as Willie Mays, Mickey Mantle, Mike Schmidt, and Henry Aaron have admitted that they took amphetamines when they played. With Davis suspended this season, the Orioles struggled in the playoffs and were swept in four games in the American League Championship Series by the Kansas City Royals.

Davis was suspended near the end of the regular season on September 12th after failing two drug tests and fans are probably wondering why he didn’t receive permission to use the amphetamines this year if he had been cleared to use them earlier in his career. The Adderall didn’t seem to help his performance this season as he struck out 173 times and batted just .196. Last year was a different story though as he had a .286 batting average and belted 53 home runs along with 138 RBIs.

MLB allowed 112 players to take Adderall this year for ADHD which was down from 119 last year and 116 in 2012. One player was also granted a TUE after being diagnosed with a disorder known as hypogonadism. The league conducted a total of 7,529 drug tests in 2014 for performance-enhancing drugs and stimulants and reported 12 failures. Those dozen players were reprimanded, but they’re just warned the first time they fail a drug test for stimulants.

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