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Atlanta Falcons 2014 Playoff Predictions
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The Atlanta Falcons come into the year after a heart breaking loss to the San Francisco 49ers 24 – 28 in a close conference playoff battle. Many folks predicted this team to reach the Super Bowl last year as they had a team full of offensive explosives along with a safe and predictable quarterback in Matt Ryan. The team ended up finishing 13 – 3 in the regular season with losing only by a touchdown or less in 2 out of the 3 games they did lose in.

With many Falcons fans disappointed on how last year ended it’s up in the air on what to except this year as the team is back with a solid overall team and improvement on the defensive side of play. Many bookmakers have the Atlanta Falcons as decent favorites on going back into this year’s playoffs as they should be. Currently 5 dimes an online bookmaker has a proposition wager with the Falcons making the 2014 playoffs. If you like the odds on them reaching the playoffs again this year you can wager 100 to win 65 that they will return. No doubt this is an easy winner in my mind and should be bet to the max. You can view some other legitimate Super bowl Predictions at OnlineGamblingPro.com.

Atlanta Falcons 2014 Schedule

You got to enjoy the fact they get to play the Carolina Panthers and Tampa Bay Bucs twice this year as both teams show to be week on paper. Some of the games we will want to watch closely is the Green Bay game week 14 into the season. I think it will be clear on whether or not the Falcons make the playoffs by this time of the year. They do get to finish of the regular season schedule by playing the Carolina Panthers so that should be considered an easy win especially if the playoff hopes are on the line in week 17.

2014 Super Bowl Contenders

I don’t see how the Atlanta Falcons will not be contenders for this year’s Super Bowl. One of the major concerns I do have though is with Matt Ryan. Although he has been healthy overall year in and year out it only takes one sack or one small injury to really destroy a team’s odds on going to the playoffs or winning the super bowl. Matt Ryan is getting older and although still an elite quarterback in the league it’s something to keep an eye on.

Improvements With Falcons Defense

During the 2013 college football draft the Atlanta Falcons selected one of the country’s best defensive corner backs in Desmond Trufant. With a 4.3 there is no question how fast Trufant is but has yet to be seen on the field if he will be able to defend WR like he is expected to. They also picked up a pretty impressive Zeke Motta from Notre Dame in the CB position as they are hunting for a safe and predictable CB in the defensive lineup.

Let’s face it this is a section of the defense the Atlanta Falcons have been hurting over the past few years now hopefully with these added recruits from college football should help them in going further into the playoffs. I would like them in the upcoming years pick up a few more legitimate defensive ends as I’m not 100% convinced who is in there now is what we truly need. We got to be able to get to the quarterback and stop teams from putting points on the board or will be pointless on how good we are on offense.

So yes no doubt I think betting the -165 odds on Atlanta going to the playoffs is a wise investment but a must type of proposition bet. If you don’t think the Atlanta Falcons are going to return to the playoffs after a 13-3 season and improvement on the defensive side of things I just don’t know why one would even watch the NFL. No other team has improved in the league like the Falcons did during the offseason especially on the defensive side of things and with this team having a walk through the park on getting there last year this season should be no different.

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