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Argentina vs. Germany Prediction and Odds – SportsUntapped.com
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Added June 30th, 2010 by Kyle Wanchalk

Argentina vs. Germany Prediction and Odds
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The matchup between Argentina and Germany is one of two very different styles of play, who, in the end even out. The Argentineans are fairly small, but they are lightning fast. In fact, they pride themselves in their speed. Not only are they fast in possession, but they will absolutely dismantle a defense when on a fast break.

Germany on the other hand is a big team who likes to keep possession and work through their two magic men, Miroslav Klose and Lukas Podolski. These two are incredibly lethal, in fact they have combined for 4 goals in 5 games. But on the other side of the ball there is a man who is undoubtedly the most skilled player in the world right now; and no it isn’t Messi. Gonzalo Higuain has netted four goals by himself so far this tournament. While every opposing team focuses all their attention on Messi the magic man, Gonzalo has continually slipped behind defenses and made them pay for not respecting him.

I think that the Argentine side is going to be too much for the Germans and will prevail at the end of regulation.

Sportsbook.com has Argentina sitting at +135 on the moneyline, and Germany currently sits at +185.

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13 Responses to “Argentina vs. Germany Prediction and Odds”

  1. alif says:

    i think zerman is the team for long pass which are 100 percent curret,so the point of view it s magic .otherside arjentina played well but no magic is here if the midfilder messi and others mistake some time they must be got mental tourcher like the england vs zerman match..maradona still in the ground giving the instruction this is agood point.zerman goal keeper is good and know the movement which time which player need to catch the ball.zerman defense also good.so i think the zermany will win the match.
    Alif hossain.Lawyer.dhaka.Bangladesh

  2. coal crackin' skull says:

    germany gona lose for sure!! and to all the germmany fans/supporters out there,,, you people might win rest of the match in PSP to make germany world cup champion….

  3. Tara1 says:

    Germany will and should win. A very interesting team that is young, powerful , accurate and fun to watch.

  4. david says:

    I think Messi and gang under the tutelage of great Diego Armando maradona will prevail..Nonetheless German side is also vry strong as they ve proved it by marauding England..It’s going to be a great battle..Keeping my fingers crossed but ardently supporting the great Argentines..

  5. diego messi says:

    the german octopus says germany will win but the argentinian turtle says argentina is going to win but i want argentina to win because they are the best

  6. the man says:

    germany is gona go crazy in this one..professional reporters estimated a 60% chance for germany to win and gave most of the odds to german because of theyre great team play and high ball possession. argentina on the other hand relies mainly on messi and tevez… Germany’s team is very young and talented and theyre good old players are also still there so i think although the german;s arent as “natural” or “styling” with soccer, i think that because they are known for theyre discipline and theyre hard work as well as the “deal with it” attitude, they will win against argentina.

  7. Bobby says:

    Hmmm… “professional reporters estimated a 60% chance for germany to win”

    Those people should either stop referring to themselves as “professionals” or they should do as the tagline of this site says “PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS”.

    If Germany has a 60% change to go through from this game then they should sell their house, wives and kids and place it all on Germany to go through at the odds of 2.25 at BetUS. I mean this must be the opportunity of a lifetime for these people. 60% chance of winning and they are getting better than even money on their bets. If I found a bet like that I would go for it.

    Unfortunately these so called professionals have no clue what they are talking about, Germany’s chances are less than 50% in this game according to bookmakers and those guys are the real professionals.

    All the best!

  8. khz says:

    i support ARGENTINA, theyre much talented, and it has higuain tevez and messi. i think argentina is much better.

  9. Saikat says:


  10. Master says:

    Of course….without a doubt – its Germany all the way!!! Their momentum has been building and going strong…..

  11. Loose says:

    Well, everyone underestimated Netherlands… and Ghana SHOULD have won…sooo many upsets this world cup…

    and so many seem so sure about Argentina winning against Germany… Perhaps no-one here’s actually been watching the games, imho.

  12. Loose says:

    Well, what did I tell all of you? Heil to ze Fazahland with their perfectly engineered goal-scoring!

  13. bridget says:

    haha.. i just read a lot of bs on here… … not only did germany win, we humilited the guachos lol….. what a bunch of losers

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