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Added February 11th, 2010 by Scott

Arena League Football Is Back!

Hallelujah! I have no idea how I lived without the “50-yard indoor war.” Thankfully, I won’t have to anymore. The NFL Network has inked a deal to begin airing AFL games starting in April. So, for all of us who can’t survive the spring and summer without a lil’ pigskin, even if it’s of the Madden variety, are in for a treat.

Nothing beats watching quarterbacks toss for 10000 yards and 90 touchdowns in a season, or scintillating matchups with final scores like 65-52 between teams such as the Dallas Vigilantes and the Alabama Vipers. The excitement is nonstop, the drama intense.

And who knows, with Kurt Warner officially retired, perhaps the next grocery store stock boy will emerge from the shadows of anonymity and become an NFL legend. It could happen.

The first game of the 2010 season will be in primetime on April 2 at 8pm. Set those reminders and DVRs friends. Here’s a little primer to get your Arena League juices flowing. Enjoy:

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