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Andre Dawson Makes Hall, Bert Blyleven and Roberto Alomar Get the Shaft

First, please stop snickering at the word “shaft.”

Moving on…

Andre Dawson was the only legend voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame this afternoon. The Hawk received 420 out of 539 votes for 77.9% — 2.9% more than the 75% needed to be inducted. [math whiz]

I’m pretty disappointed that Bert Blyleven was once again ignored by many Baseball Writers Association of America voters, missing his deserved HoF induction by 0.8%. Five votes. I am far more disappointed that Roberto Alomar — who I’m pretty sure is a shoe-in — missed by 1.3%. That’s more or less stupid. He dominated second base in his day.

The crappiest part of this whole deal? Five ballots were turned in blank. I’m not sure whether that’s due to confusion or just pure laziness.

Anyway, instead of going on and on about stats and longevity, I’m going to let Twitter do the talking.


@acforever: Kay that’s enough baseball.  It’s effing January here.

@fetch9: Way to pick the 5th ish best position player on the ballot.

@iracane: No big deal, now Blyleven and Alomar can go into the HOF with Kirk Rueter and Jose Offerman in 2011.

@OverTheBaggy: Bert Blyleven is demanding they count every hanging chad.

@williamfleitch: Hey, don’t blame me: I voted for Nader.

@suss2hyphens: Kevin Appier received a vote, but it was a misfiled ballot for his condo association presidency.

@sharapovasthigh: Turning in a blank ballot should be a felony.

@The700Level: Why isn’t Von Hayes in the Hall of Fame yet?!? #fakeoutrage

@mbschultz74: Bert Blyleven got hosed. I’ll circle it, too.

@willbrinson: It’s really, really time to blow up the MLB Hall of Fame and start over. What a f’ing crock.

@jerodmsf: Andre Dawson elected to HOF (proving cheesy 80s ode about him right: he’s a hero) #chicago #cubs

@jmarthaler: A cool nickname and the ability to make seven outs for every ten trips to the plate are HOF-worthy. Good to know, I suppose.

@danport: If David Segui isn’t a first-ballot Hall of Famer, then my name’s not Jay Mariotti. #fakeBWAAquotes

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2 Responses to “Andre Dawson Makes Hall, Bert Blyleven and Roberto Alomar Get the Shaft”

  1. Matthew Bungmeister says:


    1. Alomar was a shoe in, there’s absolutely no reason whatsoever why he shouldn’t be in this year.

    2. Blyleven also should be in, and if this vote was any indication, he’ll be in next year.

    3. One of those 5 blank ballots was Jay Mariotti, who is a complete moron, so that one isn’t much of a surprise.

    4. Edgar Martinez did way better than I would’ve expected, Fred McGriff did much worse than I expected, I mention them because besides Alomar (and Barry Larkin), I believe those are the only 2 first year candidates who should one day go in, of course, those 4 are the only first year-ers who will be on it again next year.

    5. I’m very happy for Dawson, but I think even he would like to be known as part of the class of ’10, and not *the* class of ’10.

    6. You write some great stuff, I read it often 🙂

  2. Sooze says:

    Matthew, I wholeheartedly agree with all five of your statements and thank you for the sixth. 🙂 As big of a Twins fan as I am, of course I want Bert in the Hall. But honestly, I’m even more disappointed in Alomar’s near-miss.

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