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Added March 8th, 2010 by Ryan

Allen Iverson has Problems!
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This season has been an absolute nightmare for future Hall of fame guard Allen Iverson as absolutely nothing has worked out in his favor from bouncing around team to team, no interest throughout the league being a free agent for the first time in his career, his four-year-olds illness and most recently his divorce to his wife Tawana Iverson.

nothing can be worse for professional athlete than when nobody wants you and you still think you can play at a high level. That has to be painful and frustrating and for Allen Iverson, along with everything else he has had to endure off the court, it may have been just too much to handle as it is just come out that the 11-time All-Star and former NBA MVP is having problems with alcohol and gambling.

This is really nothing new for professional athletes, especially basketball players for some reason, but it just couldn’t come at a worse time for Iverson when his name is basically being dragged through the mud lately.

If it wasn’t bad enough that his four-year-old has been struck of the illness which is an even disclosed and the fact that his wife is his left him, now I rescind will have to deal with media attention and basically more negative things circulating about them throughout the league and media.

Apparently, Iverson’s gambling habits gotten so bad that he has been banished from multiple casinos in Detroit, New Jersey and Atlantic City. If you get banished from one place, let alone a casino, you should know that you have a problem that needs to be corrected, but three different places three different cities, that is just ridiculous.

It is uncertain how severe these problems with alcohol and gambling really are, but one must think if you go this far with things that can literally rule your life, that is time for an intervention the one person that people are saying that can do this for the four-time scoring champ is his former Georgetown head coach John Thompson.

So even though we still don’t know whether or not Iverson will call it quits, most people believe they will, he is definitely not done in the spotlight for the time being, too bad it is for all the wrong reasons.

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