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Below is a short presentation of our current sport writers. To contact any of us, send an email to info @ with the name in subject line.

Chalk – David Chalk is the rock that is built on. He covers the most popular US sports such as NFL, NHL, MLB and Golf. Not only does he deliver the latest news and gossip from these sports but he does it with a good sense of humor.

Steve – Steve is a retired sports handicapper with good knowledge in all the US sports. He is providing NFL picks every week in his column and he is also covering news for the NBA, NHL, NFL and MLB.

Matt – Matt is our MMA and UFC expert and he provides news for all the UFC events and also gossip from the MMA scene.

Jonas – Jonas is a semi-professional tennis player and a huge fan of Roger Federer. During the tennis season he provides news for both the Eurpean and the US tennis tour.

Scott Jack – Scott is Canadian which was the only thing we were looking for in a guy that was going to provide news and picks for the Canadian Football League. Fortunately for us he is very good at what he does and his column about the CFL is a great addition to the site during the football season.

Ian – This guy is a machine when it comes to covering the various soccer events throughout the season. During the 2010 World Cup coverage he didn’t take a single day off and probably got about an hour of sleep during the World Cup month.

Kyle Wanchalk – Kyle Wanchalk is covering the American soccer scene, also known as MLS. He provides the latest news about the teams as well as some decent picks during the season.

Dwight – Dwight is the newest addition to the team of writers at and he is doing a great job covering the NBA with news and game day predictions.

Brad – Brad started writing for us this year as we were looking for a guy to cover college basketball and college football. He provides daily news updates for these sports and also picks for the biggest games of the week.

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