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2010 FIFA World Cup Final Recap – SportsUntapped.com
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Added July 12th, 2010 by Kyle Wanchalk

2010 FIFA World Cup Final Recap
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This year’s World Cup final had a disappointing ending. The game was filled with foul calls, and it furthers my belief that Howard Webb is an awful referee. He called fouls when there were none, he didn’t call fouls when there were clear fouls, he gave out yellow cards for deserved reds, and didn’t give any cards when repeated offenders continued to foul.

Getting cleated in the chest is usually a reason for the offender should be given an early shower, but with Howard Webb it is just a ticking off. The game was restricted from flowing and I lost interest very quickly. Towards the end of the game I just wanted the game to be over, I didn’t even care who won anymore. Finally, right near the end of the extra time period, Iniesta put away an attractive volley to essentially end the game.

I was sad that the Dutch had lost, but I was happy that such an unattractive game was over. I think this game should go down as one of the most unattractive World Cup finals of all time. I am already looking forward to 2014 in hopes of a better overall showing, whether it be from the refs, the players, or the fans.

Finally I would like to say congratulations to the Spanish national team. They started the tournament in the worst possible way by losing to Switzerland but after that they were very impressive.

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2 Responses to “2010 FIFA World Cup Final Recap”

  1. Sanju says:

    Most unattractive? You bet. Fell asleep even before the game started.

    Coming to the referee Howard Webb, he is the worst referee ever. Giving away cards at every slight is the hallmark of an incapable referee.

    What is Fifa’s criterion for the best referee for the final?

    Must be the one with the most muscles. Can’t see any other qualification for Howard Webb.

  2. Michael says:

    Sanju, don’t comment on what you clearly don’t understand. Seeing as your criticism of Webb (that he was too fussy) goes against the general criticism (that he was too lenient), it appears that you’ve jumped upon a pathetic, and misdirected, bandwagon.

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